About HSE

We have structured a secure safety and quality assurance system, which is according to ISO 9001.

This will ensure and protect the employees in their daily work, life, and help them in several situations by having detailed procedures. It is of utmost importance for HM Group AS that all employees thrive in a safe and secure working environment.

Contact HSE

May Linda Narum


Email: may.linda.narum@hmgroup.no




Vision Zero


Our Values


Professionalism, best practice, specialized, commitment, accuracy, thorough.


Honesty, loyalty, transparency, tolerance and reliability.

Team spirit

Mutual respect, supportive environment, cooperative, equal possibilities, family, enthusiasm and humor.


Well-being in an inclusive work and safeguarding environment.

Our Goals

We will provide our employees an exciting and challenging place to work and everyday lives where they can grow and develop from experience.

Our employees will have a safe and healthy work environment. It will be taken necessary precautions so no occupational injury or occupational disease occurs.

Our employees must have access to suitable and approved protective equipment at all times in their work. Together we will seek and create an work environments that is according to laws and agreements.

HM Group aims to create a pleasant workplace and that the operation will give the least possible impact on the environment.

Our HSE system is intended to safeguard and secure the employees’ daily work.